The Wave - Washing machine

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The Wave is a prospective work on the washing machine of tomorrow.


The objective is to reduce the number of parts used, the materials and simplify the manufacturing process so that the machine can be produced anywhere in the world.


After completing the wash cycle, we now tackle the spin phase.

Problem encountered:

Without a drum, how to spin the laundry?

Technical solutions explored:

- Pressure (folding board)

- Pressure (End-Ray effect)

- Pressure (rollers)

- Pressure (centrifugal force)

- Pressure (Gay-Lussac law: Increase in temperature)

- Vacuum (VENTURI)

- Hot air & amp; sec

- Torsion

- Vibration

- Sound (vibration/ultrasound)

- Cavitation (pressure + steam)

Publication 2020-07-01 09:50:57
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