Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find most common questions regarding

What is Treebu ?

Treebu is the first collaborative knowledge & innovation tool. It helps designers, researchers to communicate and share their works.

What is our vision ?

The aim of this project is to go along you throughout this new paradigm that we are facing. This tool, inspired by the living, is built to be interactive and intuitive. It hepls to optimize interactions, knowlegde diffusion, in order to reduce social divide and accelerate global wealth.

What is a Treeb ?

A Treeb is a contribution. It is the contraction off contreebution (a contribution on treebu).

What is a TreeView ?

TreeView is a the technology that allows to built knowledge trees. It brings a wider vision and access to specific domains and provides a full range of opportunities

Who can contreebute ?

Treebu is an open source project, built by and for the community. It’s powered by our volunteers and interns. Current opportunities are detailed below. Check back regularly, as new opportunities may arise over time.

The Opportunities :
- Makers, Inventors : If you’re a maker, share your work with treebu.
- Scientists : If you’re a scientist, share your work with treebu.
- Designers, Artists : Submit photos or graphics you’ve already created.
- Popularizers, Broadcasters : help us share and diffuse innovations.
- Testers, Reviewers : help us validate scientific contreebutions.
- Traductors : help us get known worldwild.

If you’re a professional or amateur photographer, illustrator, or designer – or a student – who has originally-created graphics of nature or science, showcase your talent by contributing your work to Treebu. We’re looking for original photos, scientific illustrations, design sketches, and other graphics to illustrate the technical details of Treebu. You’ll receive credit with every graphic published, while helping to expand and deepen Treebu inspiring content.

How to Contreebute ?

It's easy ! You just have to create an account (it will take you less than 30 sec) and click on Treeb. That's it !