Droþox - Drone delivery system

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Droþox is a reflexion on the future of transportation. The aim of this project is to discuss openly over this subject, because we believe that collaborative work is way more productive than the way few big companies appropriate strategic and societal decisions.

Pros :

Reduction of traffic

Secure delivery

Reduction of unfulfilling job

Flight Optimization

Nearby delivery

Reduction of salary cost

Renewable Energy

Speed of delivery

24/7 delivery

Cons :


Security & protection of the system

Noise pollution

Job Killer

Consumption to run the system

Investment cost

Carrying Capacity

Need for electric energie

System Complexity

Air traffic regulation

Publication 2020-07-01 14:08:46
Designed to maximize the flow, reduce traffic and pollution, this project examine the future of light transportation. As we always consider new tools, we also apprehend the limits of technology. Some aspects such as the ecological impact, societal balance, job preservation, or real product cost are usually not taken into account. We try to implement a global analysis covering those parameters.
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