Vacuum Dry Clothes

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In this experiment, we try to see if we can vaccum dry clothes.

Background :
A previous experiment showed that a simple box plugged to a vaccum dryer can dry shoes ( Let's see if it applies to clothes.

Tools :
Vaccum Dryer (1800 Watt)
Box 16L (30 x 40 x 21 cm)
Bowl of water (half full)
T-Shirt (cotton)

Results :
The t-shirt was as wet as it entered the box. The experiment didn't last very long (~3') but the vaccum started to smell heat and no sign of evaporation where showed. (overheating)

Improvement / Leads :

Try it longer (10')
Try it with more powerful vaccum
Make the box more watertight (airtight, sealed)
Try it in a real vaccum chamber
Publication 2021-09-09 12:43:00
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